Dalton Crags Forest

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Cumbria’s hidden forest

Tucked away up in the north of England is a forest you may never have heard of.

Surrounded by numerous National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Beauty, Dalton Crags Forest could be easily bypassed on your journeys further afield.

But that’s why we’re here, you see.

Dalton Crags Forest is a secret not many people know about and we wanted to let you in on it first.

You’ve probably heard of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

Perhaps if you’re a local to Cumbria, you've even heard of the Hutton Roof Crags – only a few minutes’ drive from Dalton Crags Forest.

But the hidden beauty waiting to be explored between them all in the little forest of Dalton is a unique adventure in the making.

Breathing in the forest air

Heading out for a walk through the ancient woodland, you’ll immediately feel the benefits of getting back in touch with nature.

The smells of the forest are always changing and every new moment highlights the diverse life of Dalton Crags Forest.

Spring brings the fresh aroma of new life filling the air; the smells of autumn remind us that Bonfire Night, Halloween, and Christmas are just around the corner.

Located on a south-west facing slope, the gradient of the forest is very up and down - something to keep in mind before you arrive.

With heart pumping and legs tingling, every step will get those endorphins flowing and before you know it, views of the spectacular Cumbrian countryside welcome you to take a much-deserved break.

At certain points along your travels, you'll be met by limestone bursting through the forest floor.

The crags suddenly jut up from the ground a few metres high, creating a rock wall that stretches off into the distance.

A forest for future explorers

With a new plan set by Forestry England to “maintain and enhance the restoration of the Ancient Woodland”, it’s a lovely feeling to know that generations of families to come will have the chance to explore this beautiful forest.

But for now, all you need to think about is where your next step is going to fall, what path to head down next and which incredible view of Cumbria to bask in first.

Those are some great decisions to be contemplating. Which is it you’ll be making first?

Dalton Old Hall Farm,
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