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More people than ever are now living in cities. There are certainly wonderful aspects to this, don’t get us wrong, but it comes with sacrifices – one of those being the stars.

Allan and Martin, owners of Dark Sky Wales, know this more than most. As keen astronomers, they seek out the least light-polluted areas to look up at the astonishing beauty of the night sky.

Look up!

Now, they’re offering that same chance to you. If you’ve been lucky enough to go camping far away from populated areas, then you’ll understand just how breathtaking the night sky can be.

And if you don’t, you deserve to.

Dark Sky Wales has a number of incredible experiences you can pick from. Whether you’re up for a one-to-one lesson on how to get the most out of your telescope, or fancy a weekend getaway stargazing with a group of friends and family – they've got you covered.

With both Allan and Martin’s expert knowledge of astronomy, they’ll always be on hand to leave you fascinated with stories, both factual and mythological, about the stars and sky above.

There are not many sights that can compare to a clear night sky. Stars stretch across the vast darkness in a seemingly endless chasm of shimmering and still pinpricks.

What will you see?

But there’s more to stargazing than just the stars. Whichever experience you choose, your astronomer will be on hand to show you the rarer sights of the sky.

From constellations to nebulas, the universe is filled with more complex and fascinating things than you could ever imagine.

Once you start down the path of astronomy, the world starts to feel a lot smaller and the universe a whole lot bigger.

But in every corner of it, there’s something utterly beautiful lying there. When you take your first look through a telescope at a planet in our solar system, or at a galaxy far, far away – it’s hard not to be hooked.

Whether you’re bringing the family along or fancy spending a weekend out under the stars with your loved one, take a look at all the experiences they offer.

It’s likely a few will end up in your calendar.

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Group Stargazing

Join astronomers from Dark Sky Wales at the Brecon Beacons Observatory in the heart of Wales' first International Dark Sky Reserve

Available to 18 January 2025
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Private Stargazing

Take a tour of the night sky, see familiar and unfamiliar constellations of the northern hemisphere, and learn to navigate by the stars

Available to 22 November 2024
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Stargazing and Astrophotography

Learn all about the night sky from the expert astronomers at Dark Sky Wales!

Available to 8 December 2024
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Cambrian Mountains - Stargazing Weekend

Spend an educational weekend in the company of expert astronomers at Dark Sky Wales!

Available to 30 March 2025
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Mobile Planetarium - Best Priced Tickets

From the comfort of a school hall, club or large venue, explore the wonders of the Universe with Dark Sky Wales.

Available to 1 January 2025
36 Graig Road,
South Wales CF39 0NS
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