A tranquil valley to explore

The wooded valley that Deerpark is located in seems to have done one thing incredibly well - create one of the most beautiful environments you’ve likely ever seen.

It’s as though the valley has filtered all the best parts of every forest and accumulated them all within Deerpark.

The area is packed with the most serene and calming nature.

Squirrels scurry from canopy to canopy and birds flicker through the sky in flashes of colour, a backdrop of deep and mellow greens to frame it all.

Spending a holiday at Deerpark

Spending the day exploring the forest is the perfect way to get back to nature and be surrounded by the peace and quiet that so often accompanies the natural world.

But book a few days in one of the cabins located within the forest and you can keep the adventure going for even longer.

Walk out onto your balcony, the smell of coffee wafting up from your mug below, and take in the sights of the morning forest.

Birds are beginning to test out their voices and the low morning sunlight catches the landscape giving the whole area a completely different atmosphere compared to later in the day.

Head off on one of the walks nearby and after you’re done exploring, you can head back to your cosy cabin.

Light the fire, sit back with your feet up, and enjoy the feeling of a day's adventure.

Cornwall’s south coast

Deerpark is located around a 20-minute drive from Cornwall’s south coast.

If the weather's nice, we’re sure the lure of any number of Cornwall’s beautiful beaches is enough to tempt you out of the forest for a little while.

But inevitably the forest will call you back.

Your cabin lit up with glowing embers and the soft sunset above the trees will come to mind as you’re wandering one of Cornwall’s towns or villages.

You’ll be headed back already, planning how to spend your evening under the stars.

We also think there's no better destination for a day of woodland exploring.

Get the playlist at the ready before heading out and we're sure the car journey will be just as wonderful.

Who doesn't like a little car karaoke?

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