What’s the first thing you imagine when you hear the word Alton? Spinning rollercoasters and arms flailing in the air?

The village of Alton in Staffordshire has become synonymous with Alton Towers theme park.

But way before the theme park was close to hearing its first scream, the grounds were part of a much larger estate owned by the Earl of Shrewsbury.

Wandering aristocrats and rolling carriages

Dimmingsdale would’ve been part of the estate the Earl owned and still to this day, there are signs of its once aristocratic life.

Long stretches of the woodland were opened up so carriages could make their way deeper into the forest.

Carriages aren’t really the style anymore (unfortunately) but left behind are now wonderful trails perfect for exploring.

Welcoming all levels and abilities

Dimmingsdale is the perfect place for anyone wishing to explore nature.

Trails located around the pools are perfect if you’re after a nice leisurely stroll. And if you take on a longer trail, every step of the way is filled with new sights to admire.

Some walks are quite challenging with steep climbs making up good portions of the trail.

But we think the views stretching over the Staffordshire countryside are worth the deep breaths and sweaty brow.

Along some routes, you can even see the rollercoaster tracks at Alton Towers rising and falling above the trees in the distance.

Then further along, you’re bound to spot the stone walls and pointed tower tops of Alton Castle.

Tea and cake?

Then after making your way back to the car park, across shallow rivers and over wooden bridges, the Ramblers Retreat tearoom awaits with a chair pulled out ready and a cup of tea to match.

If the weather is nice, we highly recommend sitting in their stunning woodland gardens.

With a lovely drink and any of their amazing locally sourced food, we don’t think there are many better ways to finish off your adventure at Dimmingsdale.

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