Din Lligwy Hut Group

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Stone has the remarkable trait of lasting a long while.

Under the beating Anglesey elements and a time spanning over 3,000 years, Din Lligwy Hut Group is testament to that.

Modernised by the Romans around the 3rd and 4th centuries, the site of Din Lligwy Hut Group has evidence suggesting it was used way before the Romans even arrived.

Sneaky stones with a long history

Most of the remains you’ll see are the ruins of Roman buildings.

When you arrive at the site, the first thing you’re bound to see are the stones scattered around the area.

After all this time, the earth seems to have reclaimed some of the ruins back. The ground ebbs and dips like a calm bay where grass and soil cover stone, creating waves across the earth.

The more obvious remains border the site, where two round huts and many rectangular buildings can be explored.

Unlike a lot of the ruins you’ll come across in Wales, the Din Lligwy Hut Group would’ve most likely been the home of farmers and grazing cattle.

We think the history of the everyday 3rd-century person is just as important as the castle ruins of kings and queens.

Standing amidst the surrounding stone, take a moment to imagine the people that once called these walls their home, where families would come together under the warm glow of candlelight to talk about their days.

A day travelling through history

The surrounding area is slightly different to what it would’ve been like centuries ago.

Ash and sycamore trees have grown to block some of the views.

But arrive when the leaves are yet to grow back, and framed by branches, the beauty of the Anglesey countryside is open for all to see.

Stand on the ivy and lichen-covered stone and try to spot Din Lligwy Burial Chamber off in the distance.

Look out for Capel Lligwy also. Both are only a few minutes’ walk from the Hut Group.

You can even spend the day wandering through time from the 3rd millennium BC burial chamber to the 4th century AD Hut Group, before finally ending your trip in the medieval period at Capel Lligwy.

Talk about being productive!

Looking at building ruins of a time long ago, connecting the place to the people that once lived there can seem difficult.

But we reckon that feeling you get after a busy day, when you turn the corner and spot your house and a calmness sweeps over you is no different from the people who would’ve lived here.

Tired arms and sleepy heads finding comfort in the place they call their home.

Beach walk with an ice cream

History is great and everything but one thing those folks were missing out on was ice cream.

Head down to Lligwy Beach for a leisurely stroll and ice cream before your adventure comes to an end.

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