Dinas Rock

Dinas Rock

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Lands of water and earth

Dinas Rock sits in a land of vales and rivers, waterfalls and wooded gorges.

You’ll find this incredible landscape tucked away in the south of the Breacon Beacons National Park, 13-miles northeast from the town of Neath.

But more specifically, it’s Waterfall Country where Dinas Rock resides, and it’s a place which fully lives up to its name.

The adventure begins

Down Sychryd Trail, you’ll first wander alongside the rumbling waters of the flowing river, where trees border the whole gorge in a tunnel of stretching branches and fluttering leaves.

Soon those same rumbling waters begin to take on another quality, louder and echoing, and it won’t be long until Sychryd Waterfall comes into view.

It’s a short walk and only takes around 20-minutes or so to complete. If you’re bringing a buggy or wheelchair with you, this is the perfect trail in the finer weather.

Falling snow throughout the year

The Sgwd yr Eira Trail is a longer and tougher walk, but if you’re up for the challenge, you won’t regret it.

In English, the waterfall’s name translates as ’fall of snow’: when you arrive, it becomes obvious why.

Crashing down from the River Hepste above, through the dense treeline and canopy, air is churned into the water and when it cascades over the rock’s edge, it falls as white as snow.

It cuts through the landscape like a firework shooting up into a night sky. You can even walk behind it for a completely unique experience, but just be sure to bring along your best waterproofs!

These two routes are waymarked from the car park, so all you have to worry about is which one you’re going to head out on and which to save for another day.

The spell of Dinas Rock

As soon as you enter Waterfall Country, an enchantment falls over you like a soft blanket.

There’s something about two elements being so interwoven and standing together so magnificently that leaves you filled with awe and respect for nature.

So, pack up the waterproofs and head to Dinas Rock, there are adventures waiting.

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