Dinefwr Castle

Dinefwr Castle

A day of exploration

A castle on the hill is as quintessential to all our childhoods as grass-stained knees and spending all your pocket money on sweets.

You’ll soon be discovering, however, that castles don't have to be left behind as we grow older.

As you approach Dinefwr Castle, you'll soon make the realisation that no one is ever too old for castles.

Your childhood fantasies (and adult, let's be honest here) will be left in awe by Dinefwr Castle, standing mightily for over 900 years in the south of Wales.

Watching the River Tywi winding its way through the Tywi Valley, the castle is steeped in ancient Welsh history, and exploring the grounds will take you back to times long ago.

Quite interestingly for a castle, Dinefwr started life in a rather peaceful fashion.

Being home to Lord Rhys who ruled Deheubarth (now south Wales), the castle was more focused on developing Welsh culture.

Wander the walls and if you’re quiet enough, you might just hear poets' voices and music leaking out from between the stones themselves.

Walking to the castle

The castle is located within the grounds of Dinefwr Park National Nature Reserve.

There are many routes you can take to get there.

Strap on the walking boots and take a stroll through Castle Woods, where ferns brush your ankles and strikingly beautiful bluebells carpet the ground.

The beautiful Welsh countryside below

When you get to the castle, you’ll be rewarded with even more spectacular views.

Of the castle itself that’s for certain, where you’ll spot ivy stretching up old stone walls and wander up staircases leading to tower tops.

But truly, the views surrounding the castle are bound to steal all your attention for a long while.

Perched up on the hill, the castle's surrounding area stretches out from the walls for miles at every turn.

Trees, hedgerows, lush green fields, and the river winding its way through it all.

On a summer’s day, with blue skies overhead and the sun beaming down, you’ll be very happy you pulled on those walking boots.

But we don’t think summer should steal all the fun. Head to the castle around September – November time and the golds, browns, and reds of autumn are equally beautiful.

Like Kidwelly and other Welsh castles still standing, the ruins mark a place significant in history, and exploring the grounds is great fun for the whole family.

Be sure to check opening times so you’re not left disappointed and packing a few sandwiches and a flask of tea might be a good idea.

Talk about lunch in style!

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