Dolbadarn Castle

Dolbadarn Castle

Standing guard over Llanberis Pass

Llanberis Pass sounds like it’s straight out of a fantasy tale.

It’s easy to imagine travellers, cloaks rolling in the wind and staffs thudding the earth with every step as they make their weary way to an inn for the night.

Luckily for us, Llywelyn the Great built Dolbadarn Castle on this gorgeous spot and now even fantasy can't compete.

Built near the beginning of the 13th century, the castle still stands - guarding over waters and land alike, peering between mountains and down valleys, waiting to be called to action.

Views that never grow old

We don’t know which view you’ll be struck by first, the castle itself or the surrounding environment.

The water of Llyn Peris and Llyn Padarn, laying quiet and still, reflects sky and mountain tops.

Hills rise up on either side, exposed slate running through it all framing the whole landscape. Before finally, Llanberis Pass stands before you in all its magnificence.

Standing back from Dolbardarn, the castle seems to stand equally as awestruck by the views.

The seasons and colours change but through it all, the landscape will never fail to leave you inspired by the natural world.

Wintery snow-covered tops; the spring and summer air, filled with life and the scent of flowers; golds and browns of a falling autumn.

And watching the seasons come and go, trees losing their leaves only to blossom soon again, Dolbardarn is one lucky castle.

You’ll spot the keep first, the solid tower still standing mighty after all these years. The ruins of slate walls spread out from the tower and would’ve once surrounded the castle grounds.

We’ve got to say, Llywelyn the Great has a very impressive history when it comes to castles. Dolbadarn, Castell y Bere, and Dolwyddelan are all credited to his name.

Spend what's sure to be a memorable weekend roaming through Snowdonia stopping off at each one along the way.

Exploring Llanberis

There’s a lot to do in Llanberis so we reckon it'd be a nice idea to stay for a few days.

Hop on the Llanberis path and make your way to the top of Mount Snowdon. Or take a trip on the stunning Llanberis Lake Railway and travel along beautiful lakeshores.

Can you spot Dolbadarn Castle peeking its head out above the trees?

Come rain, sunshine, or snow, your visit to Dolbadarn is bound to be filled with truly wonderful views.

You might be in store for all three kinds of weather if you’re lucky as the Llanberis weather can change from hour to hour - be sure to pack your walking boots as there's plenty of exploring to do around here.

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