Dolwyddelan Castle

Dolwyddelan Castle

Winding through mountain passes and over ancient hills through Snowdonia is enough to leave anyone inspired.

The majestic, natural beauty of North Wales comes into full force with snowy mountain tops, lakes of deep blue, and wildlife surrounding you.

The castle on the hill

Then, driving along the curving roads, you’ll spot something in the distance, watching over the land.

Let your imagination take hold until finally, you’re met by the old stones of Dolwyddelan Castle rising out of the ground.

You’ll soon realise not even your imagination could picture such a spectacular place.

Like a sentinel keeping guard over trees, sky, and the very earth itself, Dolwyddelan has stood watch over the North Wales landscape since the 13th century.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Snowdonia on all sides, the castle adds a whole other element to the beauty.

Maybe that’s because it’ll remind you of a fairy-tale story and as you’re climbing the hill, you can pretend you’re the hero coming to save the day.

Or it could be the more sensible reason that the human touch of history and ancient architecture combine with nature to create something truly wonderful.

Either way, Welsh princes and enchanting stories sit at the heart of Dolwyddelan Castle so everyone is bound to be intrigued.

Llywelyn the Great

The man behind it all was Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Gwynedd.

The castle is rare in that it was actually built by the Welsh who usually preferred to roam from courts spread out over the land.

The history behind the castle is so interesting that it’s going to take a while to fully appreciate.

Perfect opportunity to sit down with a pint and some food, don’t you think? Head to the Y Gwydyr pub after you’re done exploring to power back up.

Spend the day castle hopping

Spend the day roaming from castle to castle in a day out exploring the medieval history of North Wales.

Starting at Gwydir Castle, explore the ancient Welsh manor house then make your way through forests and between mountains before arriving at Dolwyddelan Castle.

Then finish it all off with a visit to Harlech Castle, standing by the coast surrounded by water on one side and the green hills of Wales on the other.

History enthusiast, adventurer, or just in the mood for a day trip out through the beautiful North Wales countryside, there’s something to leave everyone happy on a day out to Dolwyddelan Castle.

Be sure to check opening times before packing up the car and planning your day of adventure.

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