Drinkwater Park

Drinkwater Park

A destination for all adventurers

A local escape. A peaceful retreat back to nature. An adventure in the wild.

The purpose of Drinkwater Park changes depending on what you need.

On some visits, it’s the calm river and long paths that stand out, where a leisurely stroll surrounded by nature is just what you’re after.

Other days, when you can already feel the bounce in your toes and your legs waiting to speed up, the long paths entice you along your endorphin-fuelled run.

Whatever adventure you’re after, the park's woodland, vast meadows and a huge network of pathways offer the perfect destination if you’re looking to get back to nature.

Leave behind the city for a day

The park itself is located in Prestwich Forest Park, which makes it an ideal spot for anyone living in Manchester to leave the concrete paths and high buildings of city life behind and slow down for the day.

Woods filled with trees and beautiful wildlife to spot at every turn make slowing down as simple as breathing - it's impossible not to stop and gaze at the beauty surrounding you.

Plus, with the River Irwell flowing by alongside the whole park, finding stillness and calm is made even easier.

You won’t have to go searching for the peace and quiet you’re after at Drinkwater Park, because it finds you first.

An adventure through ever-changing landscapes

At moments, you’ll be surrounded by native woodland, trees that stretch up are crowned with every shade of green you can imagine.

Then as soon as you step outside of the embracing woodland, the sun suddenly strikes you.

The soft breeze rustles your shirt and the smell of the river intertwined with blooming flowers sweeps over you.

When your eyes finally adjust to the change of light, open meadows span out, inviting you to sit down for a moment and rest your legs.

Your new favourite nature retreat

So take a seat, perhaps whip out the picnic you brought along, and take a moment for yourself.

Whether it’s a solo trip, walking with company, or an adventure with your four-legged friend, Drinkwater Park is a pause in a fast-paced world, a moment to breathe more deeply than you ever have before.

You’ll be heading back to Drinkwater Park more and more often after that first visit. And every time, you’ll be happy to discover that it never disappoints.

2 Halliwell Road,
GB M25 9SX
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