Dunwich Forest

Dunwich Forest

You wake up on the weekend, open the curtains, and are welcomed by the summer sun.

Blue skies and warm winds greet you as you open the door and only one thing comes to mind. Today is the perfect day for an adventure.

So pack up the car, lather on the sunscreen, and tie those laces up tight – you’re headed to Dunwich Forest.

A beautiful area for an adventure

Located in the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB), Dunwich Forest welcomes you with a diverse ecosystem where evergreens and broadleaves live together in harmony.

When the sun is high, striking down on the trees of the forest, the whole place takes on a green hue.

Light shines through leaves the size of your hand and sits against a backdrop of dark green conifers.

But in winter, the forest takes on a new life.

When the sun barely reaches up into the sky, the light cuts in through the trunks and low-hanging branches, creating an atmosphere so unique to the cold months that every layer you’re wrapped up in can’t stop the goosebumps from creeping up your arms.

The beach!

When summer comes, it brings with it those high temperatures and long nights; days perfect for a trip to the beach and a refreshing plunge into the ocean.

After you’re done exploring the forest, Dunwich Beach calls from just a short distance away and you’ll be smelling the sea breeze in a matter of moments, gliding under the waves in just a few more.

A chippy tea to end the day

We think the perfect way to round off your adventure is with some lovely food.

So when you’re finished dipping and diving in the ocean, is there really anything better than some fresh fish and chips?

Flora Tea Rooms serves locally caught fish and some fantastically fluffy chips.

Being right on the Dunwich beachfront means you get to enjoy some wonderful seafront views as you’re digging into those well-earned delights.

We don't know if it'll be the forest, beach, or food that draws you back to the area, but either way, we're pretty sure it won't be long until you're heading back on your next adventure to Dunwich.

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