Durdle Door

Durdle Door

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Delightful Durdle Door

Near Lulworth in Dorset lies the Jurassic Coast, which is where a natural limestone arch rises out of the sea.  

You can’t leave this fascinating landmark without snapping a handful of pictures of the arch. Gather your family or friends on this beautiful trip, to take a few everlasting pictures to keep in your photo album. 

Do you know how an arch is formed? The sections of weaker rock erode over time because of the sea, leaving the stronger rock, in this case, its limestone, to stand tall. If this process of erosion takes place, an arch or cave can be formed. 

Take a walk to the beach 

Trainers or walking boots would be a smart option for the walk ahead. Enjoy a mind-clearing 20-minute walk as you make your way down to the beach.  

Walk down the steep curving steps to the pebble and shingle beach and feel the refreshing breeze as it blows on your face.  

Soak up its natural beauty

While admiring the chalk cliffs from a distance, you might be able to spot a few caves that have been carved out by the sea.  

As the day comes to an end, cast your eyes upon the vibrant sky. Watch the sky of fire, as the sun sets above the horizon, leaving the skies bursting with a silky collusion of rich reds and yellows. 

Fill those rumbling tummies

Take everyone to sit on the beach before whipping out that beautiful picnic you prepared for them all to tuck into.  

This visit will be something you’ll be sure to remember for many years to come. Why not recreate these exact same memories once again?  

After all, no one can ever get enough of the beauty Durdle Door has to offer. 

Durdle Door Holiday Park,
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