Durlston Country Park and Nature Reserve

Durlston Country Park and Nature Reserve

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Scenic surroundings

The Durlston Country Park and Nature Reserve is filled with meadows, hedgerows, and woodland. If that’s not what you call 320 acres of pure paradise, we don't know what is! 

Inhale the scent of summer that’s lingering in the air, as you roam through meadows of freshly cut grass.

Chatter and stargazing

Durlston holds many events, one of which includes stargazing. Peer through the telescope to see the beautiful night sky illuminated above you.

If that puts you in the mood for more star exploration, the Durlston Astronomy Centre is the right place to be.

The dark skies of Durlston make this the perfect spot for seeing the solar system, star clusters, galaxies, and even meteor showers. It’s something that you cannot miss!

Visit the café

Take a break at the Seventh Wave café and restaurant which is in the castle itself.

If you’re looking for a quick break, grab a cone of ice cream or a snack for lunch that you can eat in the sun at one of the picnic benches.

You might even want to whip out your picnic blanket and lay your homemade food on the ground. You can just imagine the rich sweet scent of a triple chocolate fudge cake tingling your senses.

Or, if the weather’s a bit nippy, get cosy at a table inside where you can wrap your hands around a steamy cappuccino.

Explore the beauty and excitement this magical attraction has to offer, once again, with another unmissable visit.

Durlston Castle,
Lighthouse Road,
BH19 2JL

Paid Parking, Toilets, Cafe