Dyfi Furnace

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Hidden away in the Dyfi Valley

History can be very subtle sometimes. The Dyfi Furnace is an example of that.

Sitting back just off the road, the furnace is tucked away almost out of sight. The River Einion carves its way down the Dyfi valley, flowing right beside the furnace.

Driving over the small bridge in front of the building, a glimpse of the water wheel will steal your attention.

Ideas of Captain Jack Sparrow might fill your imagination but the only thing turning this wheel would’ve been the water from the river itself.

Used to pump the bellows to keep the fires smoulderingly hot, the water wheel sits on the side of the main building and is one of the finest examples of the industrial buildings of the 18th century.

It’s hard to imagine the intense, blazing heat that would’ve been raging inside.

But listen close enough and you might just hear the rushing air from the bellows and feel the heat on your cheek, still radiating from the stones themselves.

After around 50 years of fire and metal, the building was abandoned for a while before flourishing in its second life as a sawmill.

Roaming around the furnace is a journey back through time when the only idea people had of electricity would’ve been on stormy nights when lightning crashed in the skies above.

There’s plenty of information boards dotted around so you can learn all about how this furnace would have worked once upon a time.

A waterfall hiding away

It’s a quick visit, free for all whether you have a Cadw membership or not and we highly recommend wandering around the local area after you’ve finished exploring.

Where there’s a river, there’s (sometimes!) a waterfall and this is the case with Dyfi Furnace.

After a short walk up from the main building, you’ll soon hear the crashing hum of water filling the area and you’ll be glad you made the climb up to see the spectacular falls.

Take a picnic and throw the blanket down beside the car or head to RSPB Ynys-hir, the local nature reserve for even better lunch views.

Enjoy a moment of peace with a sandwich and cup of tea because truly, any excuse for a picnic is a good one in our books.

Once you’re all cleaned up and packed away, the Dyfi Osprey Project is around a five-minute drive north of the furnace and is a must-see for any nature lover.

We're sure you'll enjoy a wonderful day out in the beautiful area of Dyfi.

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