East Harptree

East Harptree

When you head to East Harptree in Somerset, it’s easy to miss Smitham Chimney initially.

From a distance, it's hidden behind a camouflage of evergreen conifers. But if you look carefully, stop for a moment to take in the view, you’ll soon spot the redbrick top poking out above the abundance of green.

Hidden among the trees

Directly from the car park, the path heads straight towards the Smitham Chimney, so you don’t need to worry about missing it. And when you arrive, the chimney isn’t the only treat waiting for you.

A pond stretches away from the base of the chimney, reflecting the tall stone structure up into the sky like a mirror.

When the wind catches the water's top and ripples spread across its surface, the reflection of the chimney and surrounding trees begin to shimmer.

The solid structure becomes a waving thread, dancing to the delicate winds that sweep through the area.

Open fields and pathways to explore

But then, just within a few short steps, you’re back into the embrace of the woodland. East Harptree is part of the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and that soon becomes obvious.

At some moments, all you can hear is the sound of wind rustling the leaves way up high and birds calling to one another.

Then as you pass into open fields, the sounds of birds are replaced by the surprising moos of cows munching away on the grass.

The world under your feet

The world of the forest is a completely unique one that often goes right over our heads. What you can see of East Harptree is but a mere percentage of its total.

A lot goes unseen under the earth which you might catch the occasional glimpse of.

There’s a completely hidden world below your feet, but luckily above ground, the world of the visible forest is just as beautiful and complex. Fit for the perfect adventure back into the healing arms of nature.

Springfield Farm,
Smithams Hill,
BS40 6DA

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