Eastridge Woods

Eastridge Woods

A network of trails weave their way up and along the hills of Eastridge Woods like the intricate brushstrokes of a painting.

Ever since the rise of mountain biking in the 90s, these woods have proudly been welcoming anyone looking for one unique adrenaline rush.

Strap up and hold on tight

When you come to Eastridge, you’re in for an old-school type of mountain biking experience. The trails were originally dug, but then soon left to their own devices.

Roots stretch across, perfect for trying out that suspension - and you'll have plenty of natural obstacles to whip the bike around and test your abilities.

It’s best to have a good level of mountain biking experience before coming to Eastridge, they're challenging trails and require some serious expertise to tame safely.

Where to start?

But when you reach that ability, Eastridge calls you back time and time again. The challenge becomes irresistible, and the rewards at the end never fail to take your breath away.

The Revelation Trail is packed with tight turns, steep climbs, and epic descents over a five-mile course. The Downhill Trails offer a similar experience, but the distance varies depending on the route you take.

Hopping off the bike

Eastridge is a wood living two lives. Along with the adrenaline-fuelled mountain bike trails, you’ll also find other pathways designed for a slower approach to exploring.

The Shropshire countryside stands at its most awe-inspiring and wonderful height at Eastridge. Located on a hilltop, the views that sweep away into the distance are truly remarkable.

When the shelter of trees falls behind, it seems the whole of Shropshire is spread out in front of you.

Fields fill your vision, little copses of trees studded throughout until finally the land begins to rise and the Shropshire Hills stand stretched across the horizon.

Eastridge is a woodland of trails.

How you explore those is really up to you. But one thing we're sure about is whatever you decide, we sure this won't be the last of your adventures through this Shropshire wood.

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