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A picture is a single moment captured forever. They have the power to throw us down a rabbit hole of nostalgia like nothing else can.

To capture a good one, that tells a story and is just how you imagined, is an art. And like any art form, it’s all about practice.

Getting the basics right

On the Edinburgh Photography Workshop, you’ll develop all the skills necessary to get the most out of your photographic journey.

But first things first, you’ll need a camera - one that you can adjust the types of settings on. But don’t worry, you’ll learn all about why this is important in your workshop.

With aspects like aperture, ISO and shutter speed to play around with, each one will affect your resulting photo. Before then, you’ll get the chance to sit down with Rich Dyson, the leader of the workshop, and get a rundown of what they all do.

Rich is a phenomenally talented photographer in his own right, having had his work showcased in publications like The Times and The Guardian – so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

When it comes to switching off the automatic setting on your camera, it’s crucial to have a solid foundational knowledge of how a camera works. From then on, the world is yours to capture.

How to control your camera

The Switch to Manual workshop is for anyone wishing to do just that. There’s a whole other world that a camera can capture when you know how to unleash its potential.

Once you’ve got a good grasp of the basics, why not take part in the Night Photography workshop? When the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean the camera does as well.

Rich will provide you with the skills required to capture photos at night you never thought were possible. With long exposure shots creating stretching colours against a still backdrop, you’ll be heading out under starlight more often after the workshop is over.

Capturing nature’s beauty

With the Firth of Forth on the city’s doorstep, there’s the potential for some of the most stunning photos you could imagine.

On the Landscapes and Seascapes workshop, over the course of a full day, you’ll meander your way up the north and south banks of the river – learning how to use advanced compositional techniques to capture sensational photos.  

Photographs take us back in time. They bring memories back to us with an astonishing clarity and power.

Learning how to properly use a camera is a skill you’ll value throughout your entire life. Ready to start the journey?

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Edinburgh Photography's 'Switch to Manual' Experience for Beginners

Ideal for beginners, learn how to use your camera manually and free yourself from pre-set modes!

Available to 19 December 2024
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Edinburgh Photography - Night Photography Class

Great night time photography experience for those who want improve their skills

Available to 27 March 2025
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Introduction to Landscapes & Seascapes with Edinburgh Photography

Visit several locations along the banks of the Forth River to capture sunrise and sunset, panoramas, and change the way we see movement in water

Available to 23 November 2024
49 Connaught Place,
Scotland EH6 4RN
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