Edinburgh Whiskey Experience

Edinburgh Whiskey Experience

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Looking for things to do in Edinburgh?

Why not sip your way around Edinburgh's atmospheric Old Town with a local Edinburgh host?

Synonymous with Scotland and intrinsically linked to its history on this tour, you'll learn all about Scotland's capital and its most loved tipple, different whiskey distilleries in the city, and Scottish customs and traditions.

Learn about Angel's Share - the romantic term for the whisky lost due to evaporation during cask maturation. As the liquid would evaporate into the heavens, it was dubbed the angels' share.

You'll sample a wee dram from various whiskey regions across the country. First, learn to distinguish between the different notes, from peaty and oaky to the unbeatably smooth texture of single malt Scotch whiskey.

Next, your local host will take you to an independent whiskey bottle. Afterwards, you'll visit a favourite local pub or two where you'll get a taste of everything that makes Edinburgh wonderful with hearty laughter, friendly locals and lots of jokes.

For whiskey lovers and history buffs alike, a whiskey tour in the heart of the Scottish capital is not to be missed!

South Bridge,
Alba / Scotland,
City of Edinburgh EH8 9YL

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