Eggesford Forest

Eggesford Forest

It all began with a single tree

When the newly created Forestry England began in 1919, the first place they headed was Eggesford Forest in Devon.

The first tree – of the millions now planted – began its life within this forest.

Today, over 100 years old, that tree stands as a beacon for all forests around England. A standing, living pillar of the importance, beauty, and connectivity people have with the natural world.

The thing with trees is they aren’t big into showing off their celebrity status, so you’ll have to guess which exact one it is.

But truly, as soon as you enter under the canopy of tall Douglas firs and walk alongside the lovely little streams, you’ll soon get lost in all the beauty the forest has to offer.

Looking for one unique tree becomes impossible. Because really, they all are.

Crisp leaves and cool winds

Evergreen conifers and deciduous broadleaves dance in colours all year round, covering the landscape in a lively green throughout summer before the golds and browns of autumn begin to emerge.

The different seasons bring out the everchanging life of the woodland, some tangible like the crisp leaves falling and others not so much.

The feeling you get with that first step into the winter forest is undeniable. A warm, awe-like feeling fills your body, one so powerful not even the smothering cold winds of winter can disturb it.

The open trails and long paths of Eggesford Forest are the perfect places to be accompanied by your little four-legged friend.

While you’re finding the peace the forest brings, let them burn off some energy bouncing along the trail. We’re sure they’ll reward you with the most lovingly sloppy kisses.

Wander down an avenue of trees

The fact that Eggesford Forest was the location of Forestry England’s first planted tree hasn’t gone unnoticed.

On your wanderings, you might stumble across the commemorative stone along the avenue of trees.

Unveiled by Queen Elizabeth in 1956, the stone marks the importance Forestry England has played in protecting the natural landscape of the country.

A gardener’s delight

Surrounded by the inspiring woodland and story of Eggesford Forest, you may even decide it’s time you begin your adventure into becoming greener-fingered.

Stop off at Eggesford Garden Centre to pick up some plants for back home.

Before summer's end, we reckon you might just have a lovely little garden paradise on your hands.

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