Eleanor Cross, Geddington

Eleanor Cross, Geddington

A king's love for his queen

King Edward I loved his wife endlessly, and they enjoyed a happily married life together.

But suddenly, after 36 years of marriage and during a royal tour in the late 12th-century, Eleanor of Castile passed away.

Almost immediately, a monument of her was built, Eleanor Cross, at Geddington.

The grief was deep to the king and it encouraged him to create different crosses in various places to uphold her memory.

Feel inspired as you gaze admiringly at one of the three original crosses, the others being in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, and the village of Hardingstone in Northamptonshire.

Geddington: a special place to the royals

Admire the triangular pillar and see if you can spot the shields of the arms of England, Castile, Leon, and Ponthieu.

Why did the king choose this village? Because the early weeks of September were the last time the couple spent time here, visiting the royal hunting lodge which has now been lost to time.

Look on your right-hand side and you'll spot the St Mary Magdalene church.

Walk along the same track as the king when you head towards the beautiful building - it even has an entrance called the "King's Door" which provided a way to access the church while visiting the lodge.

Visiting this charming picturesque village, we're sure you'll uncover a lot more history as your day unfolds. 

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