Eliseg's Pillar

Eliseg's Pillar

However much we think about what the future holds, history always has a way of pulling us back through time.

Eliseg’s Pillar does just that, leaving you compelled to learn more about the ways of the world over 1000 years ago.

History with a sprinkling of imagination

When pieces of history go back as far as The Pillar of Eliseg does, your imagination is left to do the architectural groundwork. Constructed in the 9th century, the pillar's purpose has been somewhat lost over time.

One thing we do know? It was erected by the Welsh ruler Cyngen, in memory of his great-grandfather. A pretty great way to immortalise your relative’s memory, wouldn’t you say?

Apart from that, we have to use our imaginations to decide what the pillar was used for. The inscription may have been intended to be read out loud so there’s a head start.

What tales will you conjure up? Can you see vast crowds surrounding the monument as the ancient text echoes throughout the valley? Or is it the next ruler of Powys kneeling below you, waiting to be anointed in the sacred location?

The Valle Crucis Abbey is a stone’s throw away from the pillar where you can pick up a guidebook with a few more details about its history.

There's a translation of the faint text you'll spot as you arrive at the pillar.

So whether you want to put those school drama lessons to good work and recite the words to the Welsh countryside, or you're just intrigued to know more, have a good read to immerse yourself further in the history.

Nearby things to visit

Be sure to check out the Valle Crucis Abbey too which took its name from the pillar. Valle Crucis means ‘The Valley of the Cross’ which just shows you how important a monument Eliseg’s Pillar is.

Llangollen Museum is close by as well, where you can see a replica of the pillar. And if your day of history doesn’t yet feel quite complete, why not head to Castell Dinas Bran?

Whether its views or the history you’re after, climbing to Castell Dinas Bran you’ll be rewarded with both.

Two histories collide

If you think the 9th century was a while back, the mound that the pillar stands on dates back to the bronze age, over 4000 years ago.

That was ancient history even when old Cyngen was ordering his local carver to write the inscription.

It seems this location has always been significant to the people living throughout the area and is a great visit for history lovers, families, and anyone up for witnessing the spectacular views of the Welsh countryside.

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