Ewenny Priory

Ewenny Priory

Take a trip through time

Driving up the small country roads, you'll see a beautiful mixture of trees climbing up alongside the road and fields stretching away into the distance.

The hedgerows encroaching on either side filter the sunlight until you’re met with ancient walls where only moments ago trees stood.

Ancient stone and old stories

The first thing you’re bound to spot is the moss-speckled, crumbling walls that stretch between the solid foundation towers.

Walking alongside the walls, you'll be experiencing what folks in the 12th century saw too.

The walls stand remarkably undamaged compared to most historic buildings of the same period, making it almost impossible not to imagine yourself in a time long ago, with archers at the ready above and knights standing guard at the entrance.

Taking in the priory first-hand, you’ll really be able to appreciate the old ways of our ancestors.

Founded in 1141 by Maurice de Londres, Ewenny Priory has witnessed a lot of history.

But when you run your hand across the walls, your fingers bouncing over mortar and stone, the realisation that the priory has been watching time drift by for hundreds of years is a sensation you won't soon forget.

Visit the Norman nave which still serves as the local parish church to this very day. Take a seat in one of the pews for a moment.

Sit surrounded by the light shining in from windows overhead and spare a moment to simply be still with your thoughts.

At times, you’ll probably forget it’s a priory you’ve come to visit and not a castle.

Although it’s fortified walls look battle-scarred and hardened, the community inside would’ve been a small group of monks dedicating their lives to peace (and ale more than likely, medieval monks and their ale come hand-in-hand).

The unique architecture of the priory and history coursing through every inch of the place is bound to keep everyone intrigued for the day.

A visit into town

Once you’re done admiring the priory, head down into the town itself. Check out Ewenny Pottery where they’ve been creating some of the finest pieces of clay work for over eight generations.

Ewenny’s garden centre is a must-visit on your way out.

Inspired by the old rural ways, pick up some seeds of your own and have carrots and pumpkins taking root in your garden before the summer sun begins to poke its head out.

Ewenny Priory,
Mid Glamorgan,
CF35 5BW

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