Ewloe Castle

Ewloe Castle

Near the village of Ewloe in north Wales, hidden deep within the woodlands, you might stumble upon the ruins of an ancient castle.

While it may at first seem like a strange spot to find a fortress, Ewloe Castle was actually built in an important strategic position and saw many bloody clashes.

A truly Welsh design

Much of Ewloe Castle’s history is unclear, but there’s one thing we do know: the D-shaped tower (fittingly called the “Welsh Keep”) is a design only ever used by the Welsh.

In fact, it’s likely this is one of the last castles built by the native Princes of Wales. Nowadays, what little remains of the Welsh Keep dominates the site of these ruins, surrounded by a crumbling wall that's slowly being reclaimed by the forest around it.

It’s a truly beautiful sight, and we can promise you’ve never seen a castle quite like this.

A strategic spot

Ewloe Castle was built near the border between England and Wales, not far from the Chester road.

Its construction marked an important point in the war between the Welsh and the Normans: before it was built, this area of northeast Wales was frequently ravaged by Norman invaders, but the castle allowed Llywelyn ap Iowerth to stop the Normans from entering.

Reclaimed by nature

As far as castles go, Ewloe Castle is among the most memorable in Wales for its location alone.

As you explore this place, running your hand along the old mossy stones and the branches and weeds that have consumed them, you'll feel mystified by its beauty.

Hidden away in the tranquil woodlands of Wepre Park, its ruins are a striking sight, made more impressive still by the history behind them.

Exploring this forest to find these ruins is an amazing adventure. We know you'll have a great day out here, so why not plan a visit to this stunning castle?

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