Exmouth Beach

Exmouth Beach

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Create a memorable trip

Do you feel like hitting the restart button is just what you need? Let a fantastic trip to Exmouth beach help you do just that! This beach is an excellent location to clear out your head after a busy week. 

Everyone deserves a little tranquility and escapism now and then, regardless of age. Wouldn't that be terrific? 

A weekend at the seaside

Imagine the feeling of a warm, granular carpet of sand under your feet. We all know that feeling leads to instant relaxation. 

Picture yourself running across the coastline, chasing your little ones in an endless game of freeze tag.  

Take a dip in the sea 

Why let the fun end there? It’s universally known that if you haven’t got your hair wet, you haven’t enjoyed your beach break to the fullest. So, splash around! 

Stand knee-deep in the blue body of water, feeling the luxuriously silky wet sand that molds around your feet.  

Notice the cooling water create ripples, as you drag your hands through the sea, before splashing it on your cheeky little monkeys. 

Take part in watersports at Exmouth Beach. Challenge yourself to kite surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or windsurfing. 

All about views

After baking in the sun, getting that stunning summer glow, lose yourself in the gorgeous views around you. 

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes from the nearby cliffs. Why not take your dog on a little walk while exploring the beautiful wildlife of Devon? 

Fancy some food yet?

Who said you couldn’t eat at the beach? Make sure you don’t get sand in your sandwich! 

Or take a stroll to one of the restaurants. Maybe the Brasserie 16 or Amelia’s Pantry, where you can indulge in a natter over cupcakes 

Why not consider visiting once after making this the most fun and memorable trip you've ever had? 

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