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A brand-new play area is open at Fairytale Farm

After bringing families joy for the past 10 years, Fairytale Farm has opened a new play area called Fairy Dell, complete with giant toadstools, bridges, slides, climbing walls, tunnels and sensory play! Be some of the first to visit this shiny new play area at Fairytale Farm this summer.

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Meet the animals at Fairytale Farm

Alfie the Alpaca and all his friends are excited to meet the whole family! Verity and Barbara, the farm’s lambs, are super sweet and will come rushing up to say hello.

The miniature Shetland ponies will want lots of your attention, too.

There are several animal handling sessions every day – see if you can have a snuggle with the rabbits at Rabbit Walk, and the two lively resident micro pigs will instantly steal your hearts

Lots of things to do at Fairytale Farm!

  • Enchanted Walk - take a wander down Fairytale Street for a meet and greet with fairytale classics from Goldilocks and the Three Bears to Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Explore a magical indoor play area, Rapunzel’s Kingdom, themed around a fairy tale forest, with castles, slides and fairy houses to visit, role playing and interactive features

  • Climb into a Combine Harvester, with two levels, multi-play activities and a slide; it is perfect for imaginary farm play

  • Step inside the Musical House. Operate the fairground organ or the brass band – everything is people-powered!

  • Explore Dino Valley, a dinosaur-themed area with a collection of life-sized (but very friendly) dinosaurs.

  • The Giant Vegetable Patch 

Time for a well-deserved rest

Everything you’ll find at The Beanstalk Café is locally sourced.

Pull up a pew with a steamy cappuccino as you bask in the sweet smells of homemade cakes, a tempting sweet treat to give you a boost as you reflect on the marvellous day you’ve had.

Before jumping in the car for the trip home, we suggest stopping by the gift shop for a gander at the selection of adorable souvenirs and fairytale toys.

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11 March 2022 - 24 December 2023
Southcombe Farm,

How to find us

Fairytale Farm, Oxford Road (A44), Southcombe, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5QH

  • Free parking
  • Toilets
  • Café

Fairytale Farm has been designed with accessibility in mind.

What is meant by ‘everything accessible’ at Fairytale Farm?

The aim is for all attractions at Fairytale Farm to be available to as many people as possible, regardless of disabilities.

Is this a unique concept?

The team are not aware of another commercial tourist attraction that has been entirely designed around the needs of children with varying disabilities, but which can be enjoyed by children of all abilities and where no special booking is required.

Do I have to be disabled to visit Fairytale Farm?

No – Fairytale Farm is an inclusive attraction, designed for all. Their primary purpose is to create an attraction that has been designed around the needs of children with varying disabilities, rather than being designed around those who are not disabled, which is the case with most attractions.

Are dogs allowed at Fairytale Farm?

Due to the close contact with the animals, they allow only guide dogs into the Farm Park

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