Woodland Café: Oak - Fat Squirrel Outdoor - Best Price Tickets

Woodland Café: Oak - Fat Squirrel Outdoor - Best Price Tickets

Fat Squirrel Outdoor - Best Price Tickets

Available to 31 December 2023

Book now from £47.50

An all-inclusive 3 hour experience

Get ready to connect with nature with the Oak Experience at Fat Squirrel Outdoor's Woodland Café.

Revel in the serene woodland surroundings from your own quaint shelter, complete with a built-in campfire, and whip up some delectable snacks over the flames. Engage in a thrilling scavenger hunt before you lounge in comfortable tree hammocks.

Kids and adults alike can partake in the excitement of the colossal swing before relishing a mouth-watering sausage or vegan hotdog for lunch.

The kids can enjoy soft archery while anyone over eight years old can culminate their experience by participating in the axe throwing challenge of the day.

After your visit to the Woodland Café, you'll be feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on anything with a newfound appreciation for the simple joys of being absorbed in nature for a few hours. 

Book your visit to the Woodland Café, or take a look at the other outdoor options on offer at Fat Squirrel Outdoor:

Oxfordshire OX29 6SW
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How to find us

By car:

Fat Squirrel Outdoor is in a farm woodland just outside North Leigh, Witney, Oxfordshire 

You will find them opposite North Leigh Football Club & Eynsham Hall on the A4095 - the entrance can be hard to find and looks like a farm track marked as a footpath.  

There is not a postcode for the site - the closest postcode is the football club at OX29 6SL    

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Parking near the woodland is very limited so it would be great if you could walk or cycle

The nearest taxi company is Liveys 07979 507535  

By train:

The nearest train station is Hanborough, a 1 hour walk away.  

By bus: 

Stagecoach services 233 and S7 stop in North Leigh, very close to Fat Squirrel Outdoor.

  • Toilets 
  • First aid
  • Snack bar

People also ask: 

How long will I stay at the Woodland Café? 

  • You will get three hours to spend in the Woodland Café and to go axe-throwing

Is there anywhere to park?

  • There is no on-site parking - please walk or cycle to the woods if you can.

Can I bring my dog?

  • Well behaved and friendly dogs are welcome, but note that there are resident deer and other animals in the woodland so they must remain on a lead at all times. Please pick up after your dog too. 

What happens if the weather is bad?

  • Rain: The camp area is fairly sheltered so, events are not cancelled or closed for rain unless there has been a severe weather warning. Your shelter will be waterproof and the cover is fire retardant so it is ok for fires to be inside the shelters on wet evenings, you can sit under cover.
  • Windy: It isn't safe to be under trees in high winds and events may be cancelled when the wind is strong. If an event is cancelled, you will be offered an alternative date.   
  • Snow: For light snow it is likely that events will go ahead - please dress appropriately for being outdoors in the snow. If we need to cancel due to heavy snow, you will be offered an alternative date.   

What is it like in the woods?

  • There are no footpaths: The woodland is kept as natural as possible to retain its charm. The ground is relatively flat but it is uneven and there are some trunks from felled trees to watch out for.
  • Toilets: We do have a toilet and hand-washing facilities, there isn't a baby changing unit but babies are allowed to be in the wood and for alfresco nappy changing. 
  • Shelters without electricity: All accommodation is canvas - we do not have a building and there are no phone charging facilities. We do not have mains electricity or gas - so some things take a little longer.
  • First aid: Fat Squirrel Outdoor staff are first aiders and we have first aid facilities.

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