Fforest Fawr

Fforest Fawr

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Between the modern worlds of Cardiff and Caerphilly, an adventure through Fforest Fawr is like stepping through a magical portal into a fairy tale.

The hidden life of Fforest Fawr

Castles stand tall above the tree line, treasure chests and watching wizards hide behind ancient trunks, caves wind their way under the earth.

Pathways run through the forest like a network of roots. Along the Sculpture Discovery Trail, you’ll come face to face with the friendly, but curious, folks who call Fforest Fawr their home.

Goblins lurk in trees, wild cats wait to pounce, before a couple of cheery squirrels wait to keep you company as you catch your breath and sit down a moment.

the welcoming wingspan of eagles invites you to sit for a moment and catch your breath.

The natural beauty of Wales

At some point you’ll have to leave your new friends behind, but they know what you’re about to discover as your adventure continues, waving you off with delighted smiles.

Near the end of the trail, the treeline opens up and the natural beauty of South Wales steals every inch of your attention.

The valley falls away in front of you, surrounded by hills that ebb and flow into the distance like ocean waves on a stormy night.

Cave exploring and castle breaks

Whichever trail you decide to stroll down, new wonders await to be discovered. Along the Three Bears Cave Walk, you won’t be able to miss the striking rocky arches and their dark entrances below.

They’re in fact old iron mines, but that life is far behind them now and it’s impossible not to imagine ghouls and goblins lurking deep within.

Sir Henry’s Trail connects the two car parks of Castell Coch and Fforest Fawr. It’s a slightly longer trail but if you’re up for fitting in all the nature reserve’s unique features, it’ll be worth it.

Plan in advance and take a break from your woodland stroll to explore the castle. Its architecture and history only add to the alluring fairy tale atmosphere of the area.

The spell of Fawr

It’s enchanting, there’s no better way to put it really.

When you’re back home, wandering what thing to do or place to head when you have a moment spare, the spell of Fforest Fawr pulls you back to start your next adventure.

Fforest Fawr,
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