Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach

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Beaches make a great spot for your next get-together! There's no better place to meet up with friends before venturing out to the sea. 

It's also an awesome way to provide a well-deserved break for your family members. Summer days are made for the beach. There’s nothing more satisfying than a lazy afternoon sinking into the sand, on a warm summer's day.  

Like a freshly brewed cup of tea and a sweet scone, beaches and the summertime go together phenomenally. 

Relax on the beach

Run down to the sand, remembering your childhood memories of visiting the beach as a kid; memories you hold dear to your heart like treasure. 

Slap on that sun cream as you tan with your best friend while basking under the sun and inhale the sea's subtle saltiness, which melds perfectly with the sumptuous fresh air. 

Imagine the frothy blue saltwater crashing into the sand, as waves gently roll up to your toes.  

Take on the waves

Fistral Beach has a great reputation when it comes to British Surfing. With the beach’s consistent large waves, this a is the perfect spot to ride them.  

Don’t worry about bringing your own equipment. Fistral Beach Hire centre has an endless supply of gear, ranging from paddleboards and longboards to wetsuits of all sizes.  

Feeling hungry?

You must be famished by now, and thankfully, there are so many areas to eat at when visiting Fistral Beach.  

You can indulge in The Fish House Fistral’s locally sourced fish and shellfish.  

Or dive into Rick Stein Fistral Beach’s menu, where you have a choice of cod, haddock and lemon sole. Why not try a mouthwatering meal from the Asian kitchen to take away for supper on the beach? 

You’ll keep returning to your new favourite beach again and again! 


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