Seal Watching Tour - Fluid Adventures

Seal Watching Tour - Fluid Adventures

Fluid Adventures Ltd

Available to 30 September 2024
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Embark on an unforgettable water-based adventure with Fluid Adventures and see the serene beauty of Chichester Harbour from the tranquil water's surface on this all-ages activity.

One of the best kayak tour experiences in West Sussex

Set sail on a thrilling kayaking expedition beginning from the picturesque village of Itchenor and touring the captivating waters of England's stunning South Coast.

  • Set Sail: Use the last of the current for a gentle paddle down Chichester's ancient Harbour
  • Seals!: Cruise along the mudbank coast for 45 minutes and see where the seal colony basks in herds 
  • Explore: Paddle around for an hour and say hello to the curious creatures as the seals bob around on the water's surface. Don't forget your binoculars and cameras!
  • Relax: Return to Emsworth for a little rest, relaxation and refreshments after your exciting seal encounters
  • Wildlife: Explore the vibrant ecosystems bustling with wildlife! Encounter swans, herons and playful seals as they come closer to the canoes out of curiosity.
  • Nature: Meander through the majestic rivers as you explore the lush saltmarshes of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Stretch your legs: Find a suitable place and go for a coastal stroll or visit the local coffee shops and pubs for a spot of lunch.
  • Kayaks: Grab your paddle and embrace the call of the wild as you set sail in a kayak suitable for all ages!

"We did the seal watching tour in Emsworth with Andy and had a brilliant time! He was friendly and made it really fun. Highly recommended! Have done several different tours with this company now over the last year or so and have loved every single one! Very professional and knowledgeable people whilst making you feel comfortable and ensuring you enjoy each trip." - TripAdvisor

What's included in my Seal Watching Tour?

  • Grade: Green - suitable for everyone!
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Length: Approx. 6 miles
  • Meeting Point: Itchenor Harbour
  • Equipment: Single and double sea kayaks

Please note: This excursion is designed for those who have no experience in kayaks. This adventure is focused on the serene beauty of the seals - perfect for all ages. 

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Keynor Lane,
West Sussex PO20 7LL
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How to find us

Address: Chichester Harbour, The Street, Chichester, PO20 7AW

What3Words: flames.fled.campus

Meeting Point:

Your meeting point for this trip with Fluid Adventures will be:

  • Chichester Harbour (Itchenor)
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to ensure you have time to park etc.
  • Toilets
  • Food and drink
  • Public transport accessible
  • Parking nearby

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the trips and the vessels used, Fluid Adventures are not currently wheelchair accessible. 

Fluid Adventures provides both open canoes which can accommodate solo paddlers as well as families. These groups consist of two adults and two small children.

There are also single and double kayaks on offer. If you're booking in a group, feel free to book more than one vessel to ensure every family member can participate. 

Whilst touring the South Coast with Fluid Adventures canoes and kayaks, you may experience some wetness. 

Fluid Adventures try to maintain stability within the kayaks and canoes, however there are occasional incidents where participants may tip over. 

Paddles also create splashback, particularly when kayaking in groups. 

Canoes offer a drier experience, but it is almost impossible to not get wet. 

Life on the water is often a lot cooler than life on land - in all senses of the word.

  • Fluid Adventures recommend dressing in multiple light layers to allow for easy adjustment to any temperature changes. 
  • Please refrain from wearing heavy or bulky clothing as this may hinder your canoe or kayak experience. 
  • Guests should bring additional clothes stored in a backpack as back-up. 

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