Forests of Rothbury

Forests of Rothbury

Around the town of Rothbury are some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Northumberland.

There are six different places to discover in the Forests of Rothbury, each offering a unique adventure, so it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and see some amazing sights.

Stunning Simonside

Perhaps the most famous natural attraction by Rothbury is the Simonside hills. Standing proudly at the edge of Northumberland National Park, they’re a truly striking sight.

You’ll be drawn in by the beauty of Simonside like so many other walkers, so consider tackling the ridge walk.

If you manage to reach the top, you can relax and soak in the spectacular views from its apex, basking in the sight of the Cheviot Hills and the distant coastline.

Diverse and beautiful

There are forests all around this area, with walking trails that'll take you through moorlands, over crags, and past ancient archaeology.

Look out for wild strawberries at Hepburn Wood, and try and spot some of the red squirrels that call Harwood home.

The ponds at Wooler Common Woodland Park and the crags at Thrunton Woods are sure to provide even more wonderful views.

Northumberland is so diverse, and all these forests are beautiful in their own distinct way - it’s worth trying to see as many of them as you can.

History at Holystone

Holystone Forest is a great place for those who want to learn more about the history of this area.

Don't miss the Lady's Well walking trail: this path leads to the National Trust landmark where St Paulinus (the first bishop of York) apparently baptised 3000 Northumbrians in 627AD over the Easter period.

You'll find a small statue of him overlooking the gorgeous pool as you marvel at the legendary events that happened here.

History lovers will also enjoy learning about the past of Wooler Common Woodland Park, an area that was frequently ravaged by Scottish raiders many centuries ago.

Unforgettable adventures

There really is so much to discover around here, and if you’ve got the time, we recommend seeing all of these amazing places for yourself.

With plenty of cycling paths and beautiful picnic spots to stop off at, you'll find lots of opportunities for a lovely lunch in scenic surroundings.

You’ll have a truly unforgettable time in the Forests of Rothbury, so why not put on your walking shoes and start the adventure?

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