Peak Performance Breathwork

Peak Performance Breathwork

Freedive Northern Ireland

Available to 12 April 2024

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What else is on at Freedive Northern Ireland?

Control your breath – Control your mind

The Freedive Team will start with assessing your current breathing efficiency with a tool called the BOLT Score. Based on your score the team will adapt this course to give you exactly the right training and breathwork techniques to boost your performance.

During the peak performance workshop you will learn powerful breathing techniques designed to optimize your physical and mental capabilities.

Discover how to harness the power of your breath to improve oxygenation of your tissues, increase VO2 max, and achieve peak performance in any endeavor. Elevate your performance to new heights with our expert guidance and unlock your ultimate potential.

This relaxing and stress-free course is definitely for you if you suffer with:

  • Stress at work/home
  • Obesity
  • PTSD, anxiety, depression and panic disorder
  • Insomnia and snoring
  • Asthma
  • Rhinitis (stuffy nose and hay fever)

What can I expect in my peak performance breathwork session?

The first session will give you a good overview of where you are and what you can do to work on your goals. You will receive customized exercises based on our assessment of your current breathing ability and health levels!

For the best results, the team would recommend ongoing support on a weekly basis for the first month. Ongoing training

8 Ballyreagh Rd,
United Kingdom BT56 8DF
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How to Find Us

By Rail to Portrush

From Belfast

Translink operates a regular timetable, usually every hour or less between Belfast and Coleraine. You can find the schedule here, or use their app/website here. The journey from Belfast Central takes around an hour and 20 minutes through the Antrim countryside.

From Coleraine, you may have to change for trains to Portrush. Trains run every hour, and the journey takes around 10 minutes. There are two stations in Portrush. Dhu Varren, which is on the western entrance overlooking West Strand and Portrush Station in the centre of town. 

From July 14 – 21, there will be extra trains as well as extra carriages (allowing more people on) on the regular timetabled train services. The majority of the extra trains will be early morning trains from Belfast

By Bus

Translink runs several bus options for getting to Portrush the Causeway Rambler, Ulster Bus and Goldline depending where you are coming from.

When coming from Belfast, you can use the regular 218 Goldline (Timetable here) coach service from Belfast or 234 Goldline from Derry~Londonderry (timetable here). 

Both of these services arrive at Coleraine Rail and Bus station, where you can easily jump on theUlsterbus 140bus service to Portrush. 

By Car

Via Belfast

Follow the M2 towards Antrim. Take the A26 to Ballymena and follow the M2/A26 towards Coleraine/Portrush. On approach to Coleraine, follow the yellow (AA) and electronic signs for Public Parking.

Via Causeway route

This is possibly the best route to take to get to Portrush, clinging to the Atlantic coast from Belfast to Portrush, the Causeway Coastal Route is adorned with stretches of sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages, rolling gorse-covered valleys and fuchsia-edged clifftop paths. Taking in the fantastic scenery from the car is incredible, but the other senses could be missing out! The sounds of the crashing waves, the birds soaring up above, the salty taste from the sea on your lips and the wind whistling past your ears – these are all part of this legendary land’s beauty.

  • Premium ION wetsuits
  • Premium carbon paddles
  • Premium Snorkeling Gear

Freedive NI do require that you have moderate fitness levels, fairly good breathing skills and generally good bodily strength to participate in most of these excursions - for your own safety.

Freediving, also known as apnea, is a captivating form of underwater exploration that relies on breath-holding rather than using traditional scuba gear!

Here's a list of things you might want to consider bringing for your adventure:

  • Sunscreen - Protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, especially if spending extended periods in the water
  • Warm clothes and layers - for before and after you're in the water
  • Towel - Essential for drying off after your water activities
  • Water bottle - Staying hydrated is crucial, so bring along a reusable water bottle to sip on throughout the day
  • Snacks - Energizing snacks like granola bars or fruit can keep you fueled up for your adventures
  • Waterproof bag or dry bag

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