Fritham and Eyeworth Pond

Fritham and Eyeworth Pond

Near the lovely village of Fritham in the sunny south of England, there’s a beautiful pond surrounded by woodland.

This place is not only tranquil, but it's also the home of spectacular wildlife and has a fascinating industrial history.

A wild watering hole

As you stroll around the pond, you might spot friendly ducks swimming around. If you’re really lucky, you might even see the ponies and cattle that are native to this place emerging from the trees for a drink.

These animals are breathtaking, but they're also wild, so remember to respect them and keep your distance.

A man-made wonder

While it might look like a natural haven, Eyeworth Pond was actually only created during the 19th-century by the Schultze Gunpowder Company.

One of their factories used to be here, building gunpowder that was supplied for sporting equipment.

Vans loaded with a hundred tons of this volatile black powder would travel through here, so a special road had to be built for them to make sure they weren’t too close to Fritham in the event of a disaster!

You can still find the road (called Powder Mill Road) near here today, and an old black post box that was used to deliver mail to the factory workers.

The factory shut down in the early 20th-century, and while little else of it remains, Eyeworth Pond still proudly endures.

Created by damming a small stream, the pond could hold up to six million gallons of water that the factory would use during the manufacturing process.

It’s hard to imagine this serene, wild place being the home to such bustling industry only a hundred years ago.

Friendly Fritham

There’s more to the sleepy village of Fritham than meets the eye.

This place has a rich history: its local pub, the Royal Oak, dates back to the 17th-century. The only thing older than the pub is the oak tree it was named after, standing proudly nearby.

We know you’ll feel welcome in this cosy place, so be sure to stop in and explore the village on your way to the pond.

Fritham and Eyeworth Pond truly are places worth visiting if you’re in the mood for a peaceful day out.

Whether you come here to walk your dogs or you end up here after cycling around the amazing network of trails throughout the New Forest, we know you’ll have a fabulous and memorable trip.

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