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Bizarre London - Fun London Tours

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Available to 17 January 2022
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Explore the Ancient Square Mile!

There's no getting away from the fact that the ancient Square Mile is pretty odd. It has peculiar traditions and bewildering ceremonies which have been taking place for centuries and a deep-seated individuality rooted in nearly a millennium of self-rule.

They have unravelled the craziest of these customs, and also found physical evidence tucked away in the old streets and courtyards which offers up the most extraordinary stories. Focusing on the bizarre and weird you will go in search of the lady who travelled by zebras, the doctor who fell in love with laxatives, the prime minister who was a sun god and hear about the maddest ceremonies continuing to this day.

Certainly a tour off the tourist trail, you'll focus on the old alleyways in one of the most atmospheric and unknown parts of central London, passing by hidden pubs and churchyards, keeping an eye on the unexpected as you roam.

Duration 1.5 Hours

Fun London Tours Ltd,
Flat 2,
89 Wallwood Road,
GB E11 1AP

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