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Available to 17 January 2022
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Noticing the special parts of London we usually miss

Looking out for the small details from disused bomb shelters to tiny gravestones to policeman's coat hooks.

With this experience you will discover the hidden and forgotten parts of London! During the tour we will encourage you to pay special heed to the parts of London we usually rush past.

Among the highlights will be a search for one of Soho’s infamous Noses, then we will show you a long forgotten horse block specifically made for a former prime minister. From here we then delve into a darker time and look for the grave belonging to a rather infamous ‘nazi’ dog… From here we’ll show you the former Titanic ticket office and we’ll chat about some of the conspiracy theories surrounding this infamous journey.

At some point we will search for the remains of an imperial past hidden in plain sight before heading off to look for signs of our long lost past, including a place where police officers hung their coats in the 19th century and a buried marker for a street which no longer exists. Then its into Soho. We’ll feel some of the flavour and excitement as we wander down a couple of streets on our way to Soho Square where a king and a rather ancient looking building awaits, as well as a heavily disguised WW2 bomb shelter…

Duration 1.5 Hours 

Fun London Tours Ltd,
Flat 2,
89 Wallwood Road,
GB E11 1AP
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