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Available to 17 January 2025
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Just the mention of a ‘hidden London’ gets our ears perked.

Maybe it’s reading Dan Brown novels and watching the National Treasure films, but we’re pretty convinced that lying behind each stone and under every building is a secret of the old days.

Well, quite incredibly, it’s probably more common than you’d realise.

Stories from long ago

If you’re in the UK capital, then discovering these places is as easy as hopping on The Hidden London Walking Tour and strolling through the city as an expert guide leads the way.

Down long-forgotten alleyways, beside churches once home to Knights Templar, the tour allows you a glimpse into a side of London unseen by most.

Your tour guide will not only show you the way to these quirky places, but they’re also clued up on all the fascinating stories behind them, which they’ll be happily sharing with you every step of the way.

From abandoned tube stations to the origins of nursery rhymes, by the time the tour comes to an end, your knowledge of London will be as random as it is wonderful.

Perfect pub quiz prep, we reckon!

Further exploring into the city

You’ll meet your guide outside  Temple tube station, then after an hour and a half, you’ll finish up around a five-minute walk from St Paul’s Cathedral.

After discovering all the unusual and secret parts of London, why not spend the rest of the afternoon in one of its most famous historical wonders?

Take a stroll down to the crypt, climb up to the Golden Gallery – no matter where you look or go, there’ll be something fascinating there waiting to be found.

There’s a place for both the known and unknown in our books. They each hold their own unique stories of the past.

An adventure awaits!

When the tour does come to an end, whether you want to continue exploring the history of the area, or you fancy trying out one of the tempting restaurants or cafes nearby – that’s up to you.

Go for a wander and see where it leads you. You’re never far from stumbling across something new and exciting when you’re in London.

Whether that be an independent eatery, cool bookshop, or quirky attraction – London’s got you covered.

But first, time to go and discover the secrets of the capital.

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