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Available to 29 December 2024
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A hidden London to discover

All you have to do is walk down a street in London and you literally come within touching distance of a piece of history.

Taking a stroll next to St Paul’s Cathedral or the Tower of London you can’t miss it but wander down a street where it’s tucked away just out of sight, well that’s where you might need a little help.

With a guide leading you on the Secret London Walking Tour, help arrives with a hop in its step and a passion for sharing knowledge of the capital.

So, let’s start, shall we?

A mosey through London

You might even find yourself walking somewhere you’ve been to many times before, but then suddenly you take a turn, wander down a secret alleyway and you’re discovering a part of London you never knew existed.

Often, we’re so occupied about getting somewhere that we miss the journey in between; this tour reminds you of the remarkable things that lie there.  

From buildings that you might not ordinarily spare a second glance at, come stories of founding fathers and musical prodigies still influencing our lives today.

We can’t let you in on all the secrets you’re about to discover, but the world’s smallest police station and London’s most superstitious hotel might be among them (don’t tell anyone we told you).

That’s all we’re giving you though; we couldn’t spoil all the surprises now, could we?

Stories to keep you company

Whether it’s your first time in the city or you’re a local – the tour takes you away from all the usual tourist hotspots and allows you a sneak peek at the more unusual side of London.

And between it all, with tales of body snatchers and murders to leave you intrigued and slightly spooked, your guide keeps the tour fascinating the whole time.

Beyond the history

When the tour does come to an end near Trafalgar Square, the wonderful thing about London is there’s always a fabulous bar, café, or restaurant never far away.

Perfect place to rest your feet for a moment and power up with a slice of cake.

London’s secrets don’t end there, however! Be sure to check out the Secret Old London Walking Tour to discover even more of the city’s hidden past.

You’ll soon be clued up on all aspects of London’s more obscure history, with a whole new fascinating perspective on the capital compared to when you arrived.

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