Gainsthorpe Medieval Village

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The sound of people calling each other, smell the of fresh bread from their baskets while riding on a house is the only transportation back in the Gainsthorpe medieval villages. These are the everyday life scenes that happened every day at the same spot you are standing when visiting Lincolnshire, England.

Where is everyone? The quietness of the place is broken through the noise of engine cars passing by, nonetheless back at their time and according to myth, a group of unhappy locals thieves wrecked the place. The only certain information about the community, that it was left by 1616.

The village layout is a combination of grassy humps and bumps

The smell of fresh grass with clean air is the recipe of the present moment while admiring the past when noticing first thing how the thriving of the community of Gainsthorpe has one of the greatest preserved abandoned medieval villages in England amongst 2,000 other villages!

The gentle breeze passes by your exposed skin while hearing the sloshing noise when stepping on the short bright-green grass which, demonstrates the path of the village. On both of your sides, you are surrounded by a high and thick, dark-green lawn as it shows the noticeable division of its homes, barns and routes.

The benefit of today's technology

As you explore and satisfy your curiosity, discover more about the fundamental points of the medieval village by using Google Maps to navigate each location and tells you what was happening there.

Back to reality

Food cravings won't stop until you have them, so why not head to Kirton in Lindsey, which is a 10 minutes drive and discuss all the interesting information you have soaked today on the food table.

The olden days are uncovered by farming

Gazing into a cows eye and feel the peace and the welcoming look as they chew the lawn as farm livestock is expected to be around when parking at the small free corner of the farmer's area. This is why some believe the other reason why the village has been abandoned because it was arable (crop-growing) to add profitable rural farming.

An extraordinary English heritage of medieval village

Imagining how the place was and how it is now makes anyone thinks how far away England has come and how we will be part of history 100 years from now.

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