The Gruffalo's Child - Tickets On Sale

The Gruffalo's Child - Tickets On Sale

Garrick Theatre

Available to 7 January 2024

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Join the Gruffalo's Child as she embarks on an exciting journey in this captivating rendition of the beloved picture book.

On a stormy and blustery night, the Gruffalo's Child disregards her father's cautionary words about the formidable Big Bad Mouse and stealthily ventures into the dense, shadowy forest. Along the way, she traces snowy footprints and encounters enigmatic creatures. However, the looming question remains: Does the Big Bad Mouse truly exist?

Allow your creativity to soar as you immerse yourself in a delightful experience filled with songs, laughter, and spine-tingling fun suitable for individuals aged 3 to 103.

2 Charing Cross Road,
London WC2H 0HH
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5 FAQ's on The Gruffalo's ChildĀ 

Who is the Gruffalo's Child, and what is the story about?

The Gruffalo's Child is the main character in the sequel to "The Gruffalo." She is the offspring of the Gruffalo and embarks on a nighttime adventure to find the "big, bad mouse" her father warned her about. The story follows her journey through the deep, dark woods and the encounters she has with various animals.

Is "The Gruffalo's Child" as popular as the original "Gruffalo" book?

While "The Gruffalo" remains more well-known and is considered a classic, "The Gruffalo's Child" has also gained popularity and is loved by children and parents alike. Both books have been successful and continue to be favorites in children's literature.

Are there any other books or adaptations featuring the Gruffalo's Child?

Yes, in addition to the book, "The Gruffalo's Child" has been adapted into a short animated film and a stage play, just like its predecessor, "The Gruffalo." These adaptations have further contributed to the character's recognition and popularity.

What lessons or themes can children learn from "The Gruffalo's Child"?

"The Gruffalo's Child" explores themes of curiosity, bravery, and independence. Children can learn about the importance of being cautious but also not letting fear hold them back from exploring the world and discovering new things.

Who are the other characters the Gruffalo's Child meets in the story?

Throughout her journey, the Gruffalo's Child encounters several other animals in the woods, including the Snake, the Owl, and the Fox. Each of these creatures tries to discourage her from searching for the "big, bad mouse" by telling her that the mouse doesn't exist. These interactions add humor and suspense to the story.

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