Garrison Walls, Cornwall

Garrison Walls, Cornwall

The extraordinary security system in England

Your skin cools down your adrenaline and matches the heat of the air after cycling in this area as it holds 350 years of history of Garrison Walls at Cornwall in its soil.

The history years spanned endlessly like the walls that were built to defend St Mary's from potential ships attacks from the 1550s onwards.

Have a pleasant stroll for the next roughly two to three hours to walk the whole line of the walls as you can notice it is in good condition because when Queen Elizabeth I (1558–1603) was a ruler, the islands’ wall protection were overlooked.

Renting the island

Feel how heavy are the cannons while they aim at the sea as they were part of the new strengthening the walls task, that was given to the Cornish Godolphin family as they hired the islands for a few years.

Did the islands had a leader? Yes, Sir Francis Godolphin was the head of the Cornish Godolphin family and a governor at the same time.

A past mixed with the present

Finish your visit with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon at Hugh Town which is the biggest town on the Isles of Scilly after noticing a lot of people walking down the streets with their shopping bags making lots of noises as a posh car passes by because the settlement is a governmental centre.

The family took another step to guard this island by building a Star Castle, which lasted between 1593–4 and now, it got turned into a hotel.

If you decide to stay there then let your head to the clear sky that is decorated with shining stars after filling your lungs with a freshwater smell coming from the sea when falling in love with the clear water like glass when admiring the seaside view.

The new protector for the island

It took a long way for this island to be this peaceful as you feel your warm blood going through your skin with the light fresh breeze clearing your head to think clearly which probably had the same effect when the Royalists surrender in 1651 to the Parliamentarian Admiral Blake after they took the island Tresco which allowed them to move the whole team of his guns on The Hugh.

An unusual day trip

If you need another reason to visit the gorgeous St Mary's after reading its gripping past then you should know it's the most extensive and populous island in the archipelago.

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