Gisburn Forest and Stocks

Gisburn Forest and Stocks

An escape for the adventurous

Gisburn Forest and Stocks is perfect for an action-packed experience and a break from the day-to-day.

But if you’re after an escape with a slower pace, it’s also great for peaceful, reflective walks with the distant sounds of precious wildlife.

You’ll instantly feel relaxed as you park the car, backpack at the ready, with comfy walking boots to begin your journey.

Perhaps you’ve brought the dog along? They’ll also love exploring the huge variety of landscapes as you throw a ball or their new favourite stick.

We suggest taking a gander at the online map to see how much ground you’ll cover. For an intense hiking session, you’ll want to conquer the eight-mile Stocks Circular Path.

Become inspired by the glorious views of the reservoir and the outstanding natural beauty of the Forest of Bowland.

If you’d prefer more of a gentle stroll this time around, the Birch Hills Walk & Tramper Trail is a little over a mile of stunning woodland where you can stop for a delightful picnic in the old vicarage garden.

We recommend also having a go at the Gisburn Forest Hub Link Trail – you’ll be able to take some snaps of the beautiful Dalehead Chapel and recharge with a deserved cuppa at the Gisburn Forest Hub Café.

Fancy the challenge of mountain biking?

Cycle through spectacular scenery, with the fresh woodland breeze giving you an extra energy boost to carry on the trail.

There are four cycle trails in total to choose from, all offering magnificent outlooks and exciting discoveries, from challenging hills to the adorable sounds of singing birds.

Maybe you’ve always been interested in the life skill of orienteering?

You can join a course which begins at the School Lane car park and see if you can navigate between the control points in the quickest time.

When will you be back?

It’s easy to see why Gisburn Forest and Stocks attracts more than 60,000 visitors a year.

The fun-filled activities, breathtaking views, and calm atmosphere will entice you to plan more visits in the near future, whether you're with good friends or searching for hidden treasures with the dog.

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