Glasfynydd Forest

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When two elements of nature combine, the outcome is often completely astonishing.

Take a walk through Glasfynydd Forest and you’ll soon understand exactly what we mean.

Wonders of land and waters

Sweeping around the edge of the Usk Reservoir, the woodlands that surround the waters fill every inch of your vision immediately as you get out of the car.

Tree trunks stretch above, topped with canopies of deep green needles that stand silhouetted against the sky.

The woodlands cover the area in a phenomenal beauty. But at Glasfynydd Forest, nature fancied going just that little further.

The waters await

When the tree line suddenly falls away and the waters of the Usk Reservoir sweep away in front of you, we think you’re going to need a minute to simply stand back and absorb the landscape.

The entire body of water is surrounded by nature. If it’s not trees standing by with their reflections wavering on the surface, banks of earth covered in shrubs and grasses dive right below.

Onto the trail

Both mountain bikers and walkers have found a wonderful home at Glasfynydd Forest; the main trail which goes through the area can be used by both. 

The Usk Reservoir Loop is a level and easy trail to tackle, and with five-and-a-half-miles of it to wander down, there’s plenty to explore.

Night-time adventures

When daylight shines over the area, you can spot the arching peaks of the Black Mountains in the distance.

But there’s a whole other world to the forest, when the sun goes down and the skies darken.

Glasfynydd Forest boasts more than just its Nature Reserve title, it’s also a dedicated International Dark Sky Reserve known as the ‘heart of darkness’.

Stare into some of the darkest skies in the whole of Wales and hop from stars to planets all the way from horizon to horizon.

By night or day?

Whether you’re drawn to the forest when the sun sparkles off the reservoir waters or it’s the moon’s soft glow that tempts you, every adventure around the nature reserve is one you’ll thank yourself for making.

So… by night or day? It’s up to you.

Glasfynydd Forest,
Nr Llandovery,
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