Gwydir Forest Park

Gwydir Forest Park

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Snowdonia is one of Britain’s most beautiful national parks, and right in the heart of it lies Gwydir Forest Park.

This park surrounds the lovely village of Betws-y-coed, and has an amazingly diverse landscape home to hills, woods, and lakes that makes it the perfect place to escape into beautiful nature.

Gorgeous Gwydir

There are so many walking trails at Gwydir Forest Park, and each will give you a unique experience of the woodland.

These walks range from short, like the Coed Tan Dinas Walk which will take you through the Douglas Firs to a riverside picnic area, to longer walks like the Llyn Parc Walk that’ll give you spectacular views of the lakes here.

Enjoying a bite to eat beside these natural lakes and rivers is a truly relaxing experience, so be sure to bring a packed lunch!

Along the way, you might also encounter abandoned mines, waterfalls, and hills with panoramic views over the village (and beyond!).

There really is so much to discover here, so pick your trail carefully.

Awesome orienteering

One of the things that keeps people coming back to Gwydir Forest Park is its challenging orienteering courses.

Armed with a physical or digital map, you’ll be tasked with completing a course that’ll take you all around the park.

These courses range in difficulty as well: the orange course is appropriate for those who are new to this exciting activity, while the green and blue courses will push you to your mental and physical limits!

Trying out orienteering for yourself is a great way to experience the beautiful nature of this park with an extra added element to keep things exciting.

Gwydir Forest Park really is a spectacular place that showcases the sort of staggering beauty that has made Snowdonia National Park so legendary.

Since it has so many trails for all sorts of skill levels, there’s something for pretty much everyone, so check them out and see which is best for you.

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