Gwydir Uchaf Chapel

Gwydir Uchaf Chapel

At the very edge of Snowdonia, Wales’ most famous national park, you’ll find a humble stone chapel.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just an ordinary little church, but while it may not look eye-catching on the outside, what’s inside is a very different story.

Gwydir Uchaf was built by one of this area’s most wealthy and famous families, and you can see their extravagant lifestyle manifested in the design within this surprising chapel.

Built on a Wynn

Gwydir Uchaf was built in the 17th century by Sir Richard Wynn, a member of the same prestigious family that built the famous Elizabethan townhouse Plas Mawr.

It was built as a private chapel for the Wynns, whose ancestral residence, Gwydir Castle, was just next door.

Like Plas Mawr, the architecture and design of this place is sure to stick in your mind. Inside, you’ll be greeted by a beautifully preserved room that is full of amazing artwork and intricate carvings.

The heads of cherubs emerge from the wall, and you’ll see you’re being looked down upon by golden angels in a colourful sky full of stars and clouds on the roof.

On one of the walls, a large and detailed painting shows Charles II’s coat of arms, with a fearsome lion and a beautiful unicorn holding up his crest.

It’s said that Wynn consulted a Jesuit priest when designing this place, which is likely why so much of the decoration is so classically Catholic.

Be sure to visit Gwydir Uchaf Chapel and see what we’re talking about for yourself!

Across from the castle

This chapel is a great stop for those visiting Gwydir Castle, since the two historic buildings are right next to each other.

This castle is said to be one of the finest Tudor houses in Wales, and since it also belonged to the Wynn family, it has plenty of gorgeous decorations to admire as well.

Like the other buildings the Wynns designed, Gwydir Castle has beautiful architecture and a stylish interior with many opulent decorations, befitting of a prosperous family who lived like kings.

Spending some time at this castle is a must while you’re here.

Better in than out

Gwydir Uchaf Chapel is a surprising little place. We promise this simple building is much more than it seems, and that you’ll be shocked when you enter and see the lavish eccentricity of its interior.

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