Hafod Estate

Hafod Estate

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Designed by wealthy politician Thomas Johnes in the 18th century, Hafod Estate was intended to be a natural, wild paradise in the heart of Wales - and in that, it certainly succeeds.

This beautiful, remote estate has many walking trails that’ll take you through its diverse and picturesque landscape.

As you explore, you’ll pass historic buildings, roaring waterfalls, and lovely gardens.

It’s truly memorable here, easily one of the best places in all of Britain to escape into nature.

The history of Hafod

Johnes built this estate and lived here in a grand mansion that unfortunately no longer exists.

In his first years here, he created Hafod Estate’s two most iconic walks: the Gentleman’s Walk and the Lady’s Walk.

In Johnes' Victorian world, men were seen as able to take on a longer, more strenuous walk - The Gentleman's Walk - whereas women would only be afforded a gentle stroll along The Lady's Walk.

We know nowadays that the preconceptions they were named for are nonsense, but both walks are still a joy that’ll take you through beautiful flower gardens and even incredible caves.

There are also the ruins of a church on the estate, named Eglwys Newydd.

Built at the start of the 19th century, this is the only building of Johnes’ that survives today, and it’s been turned into a fascinating exhibition on Hafod’s history.

Be sure to check it out while you’re here and learn all about this amazing place.

An excellent estate with wonderful walks

Aside from the Gentleman’s and Lady’s walks, Hafod Estate has many other trails as well.

The Bedford Memorial trail, for example, will take you up hills with spectacular views around the estate, and even a monument to the late Duke of Bedford.

The Ystwyth Gorge Walk will take you over a breathtaking gorge, while the Coed Hafod Walk goes past the river and through woodlands full of gorgeous flowers and incredible wildlife.

There really are so many different ways to appreciate this place and so many amazing natural sights to see along the way, so plan your route carefully!

We know you’ll fall in love with it just as Johnes intended.

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