Hafoty Medieval House

Hafoty Medieval House

On the eastern side of Anglesey is a perfectly preserved medieval home.

Hidden away within rural green pastures, standing amongst fields of grazing cattle, Hafoty Medieval House is a time capsule of an age long since passed.

A real residence

This large white house was originally built out of wood in the 14th century before being remade out of stone in the 17th century.

Painstakingly reconstructed by Cadw, it now looks so authentic that you’d be forgiven for thinking it hadn’t been touched for centuries!

Despite all of the reconstruction and renovation that it's seen, the house’s original layout remains, so when you take your first step inside it'll be like stepping back in time.

As you explore, look out for the distinctive arch shape of the windows and doors, and the spot where a large fireplace would have kept the owners warm during the colder months.

Try and place yourself in their shoes, imagining what life must have been like here.

A historic homestead

Hafoty House was owned by many prestigious local families throughout its history, including the Norres and the Bulkeleys in the 16th century. In fact, the Bulkeley family still own the house today!

Hafoty - meaning summer or dairy house - would have once been quite grand and a real show of wealth compared to the homes of other locals.

Getting to the remote, peaceful spot where Hafoty Medieval House is located makes for a great adventure, and discovering this place is sure to teach you a lot about how different life was in the Middle Ages.

There’s so much amazing history to discover on Anglesey, so be sure your visit to this house is just one of the stops on your whirlwind tour around this gorgeous island.

Hafodty Lodge,
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