Hagg Wood

Hagg Wood

Discover beautiful wildlife at this gorgeous woodland

It can be difficult to find time to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

But when you arrive at Hagg Wood near York, exploring its picturesque landscape and gorgeous displays of bluebells and primroses, you’ll be able to completely switch off and connect with mother nature.

Be sure to come with a good pair of walking shoes and plenty of fresh, fruity snacks to keep your energy up.

But where should you venture first? The paths aren’t waymarked, so go in any direction that takes your fancy!

As you begin walking with the distant sound of birdsong, you’ll start to imagine what tales could be told from Hagg Wood’s history.

It was heavily felled for timber during World War II and, before that, was listed as a ‘woodland pasture’ in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Be inspired by its lengthy back story as you throw the ball for the dog, crushing autumn leaves under your feet, in awe of the extraordinary life the site has lived.

Recharge with a frothy cappuccino

You’ll probably want a well-deserved rest after an energetic stroll through Hagg Wood.

Make the journey back to the car and drive through the scenic lanes to The Old Butcher’s Coffee Shop, a quaint, traditional staple of nearby Dunnington.

Find a cosy spot by the window as you watch passers-by going about their day, taking in the welcoming scents of homemade treats and the strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Your mind will cast itself back to the glorious woodland adventure you just experienced, and the precious wildlife from foxes to woodpeckers you look forward to seeing again on future treks.

Who will you bring next time?

Maybe the dog will also love to come back and search for treasures along the public footpaths here?

There are plenty of opportunities to run around and play games of fetch within the 107 acres.

But we’re sure Hagg Wood will be your new place if you’re in the mood for solo outings or catch-up sessions with good friends too.

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