Biscuits for Breakfast - Tickets On Sale

Biscuits for Breakfast - Tickets On Sale

Hampstead Theatre

Available to 10 June 2023

They don’t seem an obvious match. Joanne is spikey, defensive, a survivor, whilst Paul is quiet, considered - and hiding profound grief for his father. But the pleasure he takes in cooking - and the astonishing food he prepares – creates a bond between them.

So, when the hotel where they both work closes and they start to spiral into poverty, it throws everything up in the air – first the dreams of a cookbook and a restaurant, and, eventually, even the dreams of a future together…

Gareth Farr is an award-winning writer for theatre and TV. His play Britannia Waves the Rules (Royal Exchange Manchester) won the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting in 2011, toured twice, and has since been produced in Australia. His play The Quiet House was performed at Birmingham Rep and Park Theatre and was directed by Tessa Walker. Biscuits for Breakfast is Tessa Walker’s second collaboration with Gareth Farr, and she returns to Hampstead Theatre following her productions of Ravenscourt, Big Big Sky and The Glad Game Downstairs.

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People also ask :

What is Biscuits for Breakfast?

Biscuits for Breakfast is a play written by Julia Jordan that follows the journey of four women in the American South during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, exploring themes of friendship, family, and racial inequality.

When was Biscuits for Breakfast first performed?

Biscuits for Breakfast premiered in 1994 at the Women's Project Theater in New York City.

Who is Julia Jordan?

Julia Jordan is an American playwright, lyricist, and librettist. She has written several plays and musicals, including "Sarah, Plain and Tall" and "Murder Ballad."

What are some major themes in Biscuits for Breakfast?

Biscuits for Breakfast explores themes of friendship, family, racial inequality, and the struggle for civil rights. The play also addresses issues of gender and sexuality, as well as the power of community and collective action.

What is the historical context of Biscuits for Breakfast?

Biscuits for Breakfast is set during the Civil Rights Movement in the American South, a period of significant social and political change marked by protests, activism, and violent resistance. The play reflects on the experiences of women during this time, particularly those who were marginalized by both race and gender.

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