Enjoy breathtaking scenery and energetic walks

Within the gorgeous landscapes of the Lake District, you’ll find Hardknott Pass, a marvellous trail to explore luscious green fields, and more than 1,500 acres of conifer woodland.

Maybe you’d like to stock up on fuel before taking on the challenge?

You’ll love the food at Newfield Inn, a traditional country pub oozing character and just a 20-minute drive away.

Make yourself comfortable among the cosy interiors by browsing the menu, debating whether the Scottish smoked salmon or the minted shoulder of lamb henry will keep you energised for the trek ahead.

Time to start the adventure

As you reach Hardknott Pass and park the car, you’ll begin to feel a rush of excitement about the treasures you’ll uncover here.

Before you begin, spend a few moments gazing admiringly at the beautiful views, the fresh breeze rustling through the trees, and the sweet sounds of precious wildlife going about their day.

Some parts are steep, so you’ll need a good pair of walking boots and comfortable clothing for the walk ahead.

Bring some water and energy-boosting snacks for a couple of well-deserved breaks along the way, too.

You’ll thrive in burning off the adrenaline and pushing yourself to conquer one of the toughest roads in Britain.

Fancy exploring some fascinating history?

Take a wander to Hardknott Roman Fort, founded in the 2nd-century under Hadrian’s rule, and surrounded by serene landscapes.

Feel at peace as you explore the remains, which include the bathhouse, the commandant’s house, and the headquarters building.

We suggest spending some time exploring all the nooks and crannies, imagining what life must have been like in one of the country’s more remote Roman forts.

Still plenty to discover

Fancy coming back to Hardknott Pass for more exciting walks? There’s nothing quite like the surroundings here.

If your next visit is bright and clear, see if you can spot the Isle of Man from the top.

Whether you come with family, friends, or more solo trips, Hardknott Pass will forever be a treasured experience.

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