Harvington Hall - Best Price Tickets

Harvington Hall - Best Price Tickets

A beauty spot with a dark history...

When you first head over to Harvington Hall, things such as persecution, torture and execution probably won't cross your mind. What probably will cross your mind is how beautiful the gardens are and how excellently-preserved the 16th century house is. While it may be a place of beauty now, it wasn't always this way...

A day out in 'The House of Secrets'

During Elizabeth I's reign, Catholicism was persecuted intensely in England and being a Catholic priest could result in a death sentence, by being hanged, drawn and quartered. Over 180 English priests were killed and many more everyday Catholics were fined, imprisoned and tortured.

With persecution against Catholics being so strong, Harvington Hall owner Humphrey Pakington, a catholic, fitted the house with 'priest holes' for the religion to be practiced in secret. During the dark years of persecution, Harvington Hall became a place of refuge for Catholics in England.

These rooms are preserved to this day and they certainly make for one impressive viewing. 

A piece of history in Worcestershire 

Today, the site stands not only as an example of life in the past of England, plus the dark side of history that comes with it, but it now makes for a fascinating family day out in the countryside. 

Be sure to explore every room inside to get a clear representation of life in the days of Elizabeth I. A large and impressive manor house, the size of the rooms and decorations certain to set you and your kids' imagination running wild as to what life may've been like back then. 

The hidden rooms offer a deeply interesting insight into the contrast of lives that Pakington and English Catholics at the time had to live. The large luxurious rooms feel like they're in a different world to the hidden improvised priest halls. It's truly a unique experience for your historic day out! 

History, Gardens, Food & Drink and more

The nearby gardens are a lovely place to enjoy a picnic and sip some coffee either before or after your visit to the halls. The Malt House Coffee Shop opened in 2021 and offers you the chance to enjoy some tasty treats as well as wonderful history. 

Step back in time today and go for a fantastic family day out to the dark side of history at Harvington Hall in Worcestershire!

Harvington Hall Ln
DY10 4LR
  • Free parking
  • Coffee shop
  • Toilets
  • Baby-changing facilities
  • Assistance and therapy dogs are allowed access at the hall.
  • Wheelchair access is only limited to the ground floor as there are no lifts. The upper floors are uneven so extra care must be taken. Please take this into consideration before visiting.