Haugh Woods

Haugh Woods

Wander stunning Herefordshire landscapes

Feel the excitement rushing through your body as you approach Haugh Woods, a delightful retreat that sits among stunning wildlife, picture-perfect scenery, and walking trails that’ll keep you fascinated until the end.

After parking the car, begin your journey through magnificent woodland.

We suggest you come prepared with a good pair of walking boots and practical waterproof for any unexpected rainfall flurries.

Think you’ll need an energy boost for the trek? Pack a tasty picnic to get comfortable with later on.

You’ll see two waymarked trails at the start and information boards will tell you all about the wonderful conservation work at Haugh Woods to protect more than 600 species of moths and butterflies.

Discover these magical insects

As you stroll along the gentle slopes, you’ll find a number of beautiful winged creatures making their presence known.

See if you can spot some rare sightings along the way, from the Wood White butterfly to the Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Drab Looper moth.

The shots you’ll take with your camera will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family!

There are many wonderful spots to stop for a cosy picnic, too.

Pull out a blanket and get snuggly with your delicious homemade sandwiches, looking back on the extraordinary scenery you’ve explored.

Your dog will love it here

We think Haugh Woods will become your new dog walking trail.

They’ll adore running around more than 800 acres of precious woodland, finding their new favourite sticks, and making friends with beautiful wildlife.

Feel the strong connection with mother nature during every visit, escaping the notifications on your phone and become completely mesmerised by the peaceful surroundings.

Broadmoor Common,

Free parking